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  • Charalambos Stavrou

    I don't understand what's the point of having a "map editor", if major changes regarding to places near my area, are reverting back to original.
    At least three famous places have been either permanently closed or moved in my area, I submit the appropriate change to the map, however it's always reverting back to original.
    Same with changes to other places that I made (add address number, contact details, fixing place on map)
    What's the point of spending personal time to make all these changes if you are going to revert them back to original?

    POI-id : 1208296778
    Permanently closed for several months now (might be more than a year)

    PDS-Id : 196swpxg-330c0d719e874772975b8f6e164e34f6
    Has been moved to a different location (not even close to its original location) for several years now

    POI-id : 1138008492
    It's been almost two years that it has been relocated to the next village.

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Hello Charalambos,
    can you please share in details what changes you made? I can see edits on two places (PopLife Supermarkets and Ολύμπιον) which were done under your name, but for some reason, the system failed to integrate your changes.

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