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  • John Powell

    Is there any reason why you refuse to accept the Road Type for the Murray Valley Highway (Victoria Australia) as A HIGHWAY?
    All changes I have made are reverted back to a MAIN ROAD.
    This HIGHWAY traverses along the Murray River along the Victoria /NSW Border for over 500 Kilometres.
    I thought a Highway was a HIGHWAY and should be accepted as having all the attributes of a HIGHWAY.

    John Powell

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi John, Highways are coded in based on a set of international criteria – and community changes to this usually aren’t accepted as standard. In this case, we’ll review and change it manually if it meets our rules. Thanks! Shona

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi John, I’ve checked with our mapping team – and they’ve confirmed that based on our specifications, Murray Valley Highway meets criteria for Main road rather than highway. Seems confusing when it’s called a highway but we have a full set of criteria to meet for it to be considered a Highway by our rankings.

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