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  • Hilton Hotels

    There is an outdated listings of DoubleTree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry live in Map Creator but the business ceased to operate and was rebranded to "The Cambridge Belfry". Tried to delete the outdated listing but yet without any success.

    The outdated listing of DoubleTree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry should be removed and the already existing listing of "The Cambridge Belfry" should remain.

    What could be the best solution to resolve this issue?

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    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Hilton Hotels

    Apologies but I’m unsure why your edit was unsuccessful. Upon checking now in Map Creator the changes to the hotel name and chain appear to now be up to date.

    Thanks, Ben

    Hilton Hotels

    Hello Ben,

    Thank you for your support.

    There are still 2 outdated hotels of DoubleTree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry in and they are visible in the dashboard’s search bar. What can I do to permanently delete them as they are not available as objects for deletion in Maps Connect.

    Thank you.

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Hilton Hotels,

    The search bar updates at a different cadence to the actual map (they are both ultimately available as separate APIs) so the search results will be around a little longer. Upon searching you can see the results actual show nothing on the actual map. Unfortunately I’m not certain when the search bar will update.

    Thanks, Ben

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