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  • Dirk De TAEY

    In BMW GPS, using HERE maps, there is only 1 village ‘Ruisbroek’ shown.
    On top of that, it is the village Ruisbroek Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (but that name is not fully shown.
    Missing is the ‘main’ village Ruisbroek (near Puurs), but that could not be selected by name (only by zipcode 2870, but then you have to know that one)

    So selecting Kerkstraat 100 Ruisbroek when you want to drive to Ruisbroek – Puurs guides you to the wrong Ruisbroek.

    I do not find how to add the Ruisbroek (Puurs) to the Here maps.

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Dirk,
    could you please send us an email with the necessary details to Then we can create a ticket for the Core Map Team because admin coding is not editable in MC as you know. Thanks, Eric

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