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  • Jure Suvak

    We notice that some road connection missing in you database for routing. On marked cross we can't pass with a car only with a bike.
    If you try routing from `Ulica IX. korpusa 40a, 6330 Piran, Slovenia` to `Parecag, SI- 6333 Piran, Slovenia` you will see that we can't pass street cross at Parecag 152 with a car. Consiquences are that our client for almost 10km longer route.

    Iris Herman

    Bok Jure,
    žao nam je što je klijent imao probleme. Provjerili smo mjesto koje si označio i prema nama dostupnim izvorima ne vidimo što bi stvaralo problem prelaska vozila na tom mjestu tj. ne vidimo da se cesta promijenila. Možeš li molim te dodatno pojasniti o kakvom problemu je riječ, cesta je preuska ili nije ni asfaltirana? Hvala unaprijed.
    Lijep pozdrav,

    Jure Suvak

    Hello Iris,
    The issue is that your routing doesn’t go through that street cross if we use car mode. Routing which you did is around that cross what causes a lot longer route and wrong distance calculation.

    If we select pedestrian mode routing is done through that cross.

    Iris Herman

    Hi Jure,
    thank you for providing more details. 🙂 We understand now what is the problem. You are right, that routing doesn’t make sense. But the thing is – it’s due to some local government restrictions in that area. It was their demand to make some roads closed (meaning open for “local transit only”) which resulted in this routing problem on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    We are checking it again with local government and are looking for a way to fix this so it makes sense for our users. Hope to solve it soon. Thanks again for pointing this out. Feel free to share if there are any other issues we can help with.
    Best regards,

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