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  • Stephen Dadda

    Just looked at some mini roundabout edits which needed the protected or locked roads removed from the middle of the roundabout and were reported to HERE as ‘Report a map problem’.
    The roundabout at the junction of Windermere Avenue and Green Lane Southampton has had the protected roads removed but Green Lane no longer connects to the roundabout. Green Lane is still a protected road so I presume was left in this state by a HERE moderator.
    The roundabout at the junction of Windermere Avenue and Mansel Road West Southampton is now half a roundabout and far larger than when I edited it. Mansel Road West has been deleted from its junction with Maplin Road and no longer connects with Windermere Avenue. The protected sections of Windermere Avenue have not been removed from where the roundabout should be.
    I will leave these problems to be resolved by HERE staff.
    Screen shot taken at about 19:15 14/12/2017

    Stephen Dadda

    Another incorrect mini roundabout edit following the requested removal of protected roads from the middle of the roundabout. The edit was requested by a ‘Report a map problem’ form for the roundabout in Romsey, Hampshire.
    Greatbridge Road A3057 was a protected road and it has now been removed from the middle of the roundabout. The sections of Greatbridge Road either side of the roundabout have not had the protected or locked road status reinstated.
    The section of Fishlake Meadows from its junction with Romsey Industrial Estate to Greatbridge Road roundabout has been deleted. This was a non-protected road so I was able to delete the section of this road which was in the middle of the roundabout.
    I cannot find the ‘Report a map problem’ form to confirm what I requested.
    I will leave HERE staff to resolve the problems.
    Attached screenshot taken at about 20:00 14/12/2017

    Stephen Dadda

    Looked at some roundabouts I added in Berwick-upon-Tweed following holidays there.
    All 4 roundabouts needed protected roads removing from the middle of the roundabouts which was requested on ‘Report a Map Problem’ forms. Due to the shortcomings of Map Creator I cannot find these forms to check what was requested or if they have been actioned by HERE staff. Is there a way of viewing all ‘Report a map problem’ forms that I have submitted in the map area displayed on the Map Creator edit screen?
    The attached screen shots show a worrying mixture of:
    deleted road sections which were there when I finished my edits
    a phantom section of protected road – Castlegate A1167 where it joins the roundabout
    missing road junctions with the roundabouts – road junctions were set on all roads and to allow deletion of short stretch of unprotected roads in middle of roundabout.
    the reappearance of short stretches of unprotected road in the middle of roundabouts which I had deleted.
    road type changed from local access to residential on stretches of Castlegate and Marygate and on some of the roundabouts.
    My original edits to add these roundabouts were made in 2016 and rejected by HERE as mini roundabouts were not ‘navigationally significant’. I re-input the edits following the welcome change of HERE policy in July 2017 and wonder if this has contributed to the current mess?
    Screenshots taken at about 22:00 14/12/2017
    I will leave HERE staff to resolve the many problems with the roundabouts and roads.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    click on my feed on left, dropdown box choose map feedback and the reports listed there. or click on watchlist

    those edits have to be made by staff and its a slow process, some of my update not been done in 6 months so its a long waiting game to be fixed.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador).
    Stephen Dadda

    Just looked at another Southampton mini roundabout I added and now that HERE moderators have removed the protected roads from the middle it has different speed limits on either side of the roundabout – 20 mph and 30 mph.
    The roundabout is close to the roundabouts near the SO16 6QH post code which have been subject to numerous posts on the discussion board.
    One of the roads connected to the roundabout has a 20 mph speed limit. I had set the roundabout speed at 30 mph on all sections of the roundabout as the 20 mph speed limit on the road starts after you exit the roundabout.
    The protected status has not been reinstated on the protected roads either side of the roundabout following the edits.
    Does HERE have a published guide or video for how a roundabout should be added and speed limits etc set?
    I will not make any further edits to this roundabout or roads immediately connected to it.
    Attached screenshot taken at about 08:00 am 18/12/2017.

    Stephen Dadda

    The road layout for the two Windermere Avenue Southampton roundabouts at the junctions of Mansel Road West and Green Lane highlighted earlier in this thread are now correct and all junctions connected.
    Windermere Avenue has a 30 mph speed limit but Mansel Road West and Green Lane are both 20 mph speed limits. The Green Lane and Mansel Road West speed limits start at their respective road junctions with Windermere Avenue. There are no road signs on Windermere Avenue advising of a change of speed to 20 mph for either of the roundabouts.
    Why are both roundabouts now shown as 20 mph speed limits in a 30 mph road?
    Will HERE please publish their guidelines and/or instructions for creating roundabouts or the link to it.
    Due to the problems with previous edits on these roundabouts (and many others!) I will leave it to HERE staff to resolve the speed limit issues.
    Attached screen shots taken at about 9:00 am 21/12/2017.

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