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  • Aleksandar Atanasoski

    The island “Golem Grad” and “Mal Grad” on the big Prespa Lake are missing. The island Golem Grad is located in Macedonia, near the triple border with Albania and Greece [40.868717927645605,20.989706856044677]. The island Mal Grad is located in Albania, near the village Pustec (Liqenas) [40.79263678457582,20.9336808741416].
    Also, the island “Vidronisi” on the Small Preska Lake is missing. It is near the village Mikrolimni. [40.75557937710295,21.10378120544806].
    And yeah, due to the big Prespa Lake losing its water, you should reduce the water level on its northern coast, See the difference between the normal map and the satelite map, [41.00243925610397,20.99860642555609].
    Unlike the Prespa Lake, the Dojran Lake is constantly gaining more and more water. For example, you can check these coordinates and spot the difference between the satelite and normal map. [41.24602648763519,22.760238391193298]

    Dimitar Trenkov

    Hello Aleksandar,

    Missing island are added now and lakes boundaries are adjusted.
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Here team

    ava james

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