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  • Peter Wells

    Filling station and shop that were marked on Here have disappeared
    Macdonalds as well!

    Terry Bates

    I noticed that things I put on over the weekend probably including Friday 3rd April have vanished. Footpaths and a road. If you zoom back they are there so I think they were approved and moved into the production database but as you zoom in they vanish. I note that a new screen layout has appeared. The detailed recent image sat image (Z3 from memory) has also vanished. These were more up-to-date high res images much better than the full colour ones.

    I emailed Ben, waiting for a reply. I suspect that when Here Maps changed the editor screen they succeeded in getting a time difference in between the edit zoomed in screen and the production database… may will be told I’m wrong but it would be good to resolve this since I don’t know whether my edits went through, whether they know of the issue and whether we will get the Z3 images back :). If I put the edits back in then there will be two going forward….

    Much of us are on our Coronavirus UK home local lock down walks but I do have about 15 years of Wales walks I could enter during the period :).

    OK they have fixed that now… but need the Z3 images back :). Suspect your McD is back.

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    Peter Wells

    Fuel and McD are still missing,.
    I guess it’s “wait and see”
    Also my history of road changes (speed, name, junction alignment is missing!

    Terry Bates

    My missing stuff came back but not the options on the recent maps, z3, alternative sat images etc. Did you ever have that option yourself or only one sat image ?. Reason for asking.

    Peter Wells

    No change yet!

    Terry Bates

    Is that you never saw alternative satellite image sets to select. I wondering whether that was something only Map Masters got to see. It was rolled out subsequently. Might have been controlled so only Map Masters got to see the high definition stuff through license agreements of the images.

    Hopefully Ben et al will return soon or any Here Map staff can turn on the missing alternative sat images on the revised system. Coronavirus difficult period one guesses.

    Terry Bates

    Hmm well there is indeed two sets of sat images, you click on Satellite for one and the tab “Alternate” for the other :).. So two options. There were a few more once… thrown by the single hanging tab.

    Peter Wells

    I normally use “auto-select”, not satellite so I wasn’t aware of “alternate satellite”. Alternate seems to be slightly less clear but still does not have the missing data.. This isn’t the first time that data has gone missing – it’s almost as if a layer of data has been withdrawn (some data such as some pub,s a museum, is still there.) weird!

    Terry Bates

    There was also one with building outlines on them. Round here the mobile app has the same image as the default web based whilst the alternative has a clearer more up-to-date image showing building up. Useful for house numbering and getting new housing estates on :). Think it varies which image you get in those two options. The Google Map ones can be terribly out of date.

    Have you seen this.

    Ben suggests letting it settle down over a few days before commenting.

    Peter Wells

    I’d found the building outlines – they are driven by a button on the right of the screen (below add house numbers).
    If only house names, when added, would pull through to Garmin et al!
    It’s curious that pre-existing data only becomes re-visible with time, but let’s see.
    My problem is that coming from an environment where the IT/systems people control how a business can work I am very suspicious of any “developments”.

    Terry Bates

    Well ofcourse in certain parts of the country houses aren’t numbered like in a lot Wales, the postman must have a good memory. Never asked him yet.

    Here Maps is a technology company so I’m sure they have their finger on their IT department. The upgrade.

    My issue has gone away now and I’m seeing the two styles of sat images. Regular stitched images which avoid the clouds but can be out of date and the “Z3” ones which are in B&W which are pretty up-to-date but images can be obscured by cloud.

    Seems to deal with intersects of roads / paths. Don’t think you have finished untill you see the interconnect shown as a diamond. :).

    Terry Bates

    The images now seem to be sorted with alternate set, recent imagery (ZL-13) and low-cloud imagery. Options a lot like before :).

    Peter Wells

    The places that I had noticed as missing (McD, filling station, village pub, village shop) are still missing. I raised the matter with UK/Ireland a fortnight ago – in view of lock-down I’ll wait a bit longer before chasing.

    Peter Wells

    One month on and McD + filling station in Sparkford, village pub and shop in North Cadbury are still missing..

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