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  • Vladan Aleksic

    Extensive street works started in one long boulevard in Belgrade (Serbia) which has been closed from two days ago and will be for the next couple of months, causing heavy problems to the traffic. Of course, Here still provides the directions through it, since it has not been marked as closed. I tried to edit the street info, but there is only "sesional closures" section there.
    Any solution (do not rely on formal institutions like infrastructure owner or road works company, since they never care to submit formal info to Here Maps)?

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear user,
    thank you for your input. When you select a segment of a street, on the left panel were the Road Attributes are, there is “Road Closures” info box (attached image)
    You can select the road stretch that is affected by these constructions and add the details under this box (dates and reason)


    Vladimir Obradovic

    Thank you for sharing the screenshot, unfortunately there’s no such option offered to me. Is this option country specific? Does this mean there is no other way for us to report a temporary closed road? Really boulevards are closed or are about to be closed in a couple of months.

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear Vladimir,
    please accept my apologies for the late response. Can you report these closures in Map Creator and we will add them from that point?

    Thank you in advanced,

    Vladimir Obradovic

    Hello Konstantina,

    Thank you for your response. The only way for me to report it is to start a discussion. The option to report it through the menu is not available in Serbia (per screenshot I shared above). Please let me know if there’s anything else I could do.

    Thank you and all the best!

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Hello Vladimir. Yes, this option for road closures is enabled for specific countries. If possible, please provide me information (coordinates maybe the best) via this topic and i will do this.
    Thank you for your support and efforts

    Best regards,

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