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  • Kevin Hutchison

    Having added an android tablet planed to replace my windows tablet to my surprise I have been unable to find how to add or change or change roads.

    I am in Longreach I find the airport terminal has been relocated and I cannot reflect the change, only correct the one way at the new terminal. Even the satellite photo shows the road.

    Maybe I am missing something, after over 70,000 edits the new android app eludes me.

    John Manning

    Hi Kevin, I don’t have access to an Android tablet so cant’ test this myself. As am alternative/last resort you could try accessing Map Creator via the browser and see if that makes a difference.
    No, not the answer you wanted!

    Kevin Hutchison

    Tried that too, but no luck except being able to add a comment with a picture showing the error. Even found a few more attached.

    John Manning

    I notice you’re using a beta version. Have you tried a regular release?

    Kevin Hutchison

    That must be it, seems there is only a beta app at present and it allows you to change the attributes of a road, even delete but not reroute or add. Places can be updated even relocated but the entry point remains unmovable.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Back home and I have done the changes, it is the right mouse button that I can not find the touch screen equivalent for that is the missing link to shape or create a road point.

    White Cameron

    These are most creative maps creative

    Kevin Hutchison

    Completely miss your point touch screens are a law unto themselves with a whole new set of rules.

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    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Kevin, as you’ve already figured out – it’s not possible to add or move roads on the app. There’s a few restrictions to the app and that’s one of them at this stage. Hope you enjoyed the travel to Longreach!

    Kevin Hutchison

    Thanks Shona I thought I had tried everything, is there any indication as to how far off a road add/rerouting feature is in the app or is uploading a screenshot the only option, as I do not wish to travel with two computers.

    John Manning

    Kevin, on my iPhone I can use the MapCreator app or go to
    Is this an option on your tablet?

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    Kevin Hutchison

    When I try to run Here Mapcreator I finish in Mobile Mapcreator, that may be because I have the app installed but even if I could how would I simulate “right click” on the mouse to bring up the “add road” menu also ctrl key options need options.

    Clearly still in development. Road removal has been addressed as has the Customer ticket,

    Hoa Dao

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