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  • Graham Bliss

    Just updated local roads, names and buildings – what is the timescale before this map data is added to the live maps, as currently my map version on my DS3 SatNav unit is obviously not showing this info, but it would be v useful when it does!

    Virtual Hunterston

    can be anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on provider. all information goes to moderation and they decide if its accepted or rejected then it goes to integration department who add it to the map system then once everything is fine HERE then send information to providers that buy the data, they in turn have to decompile the data received and convert it into their own formats and then once all that is done is it released to the public so its not just as simple as adding something on HERE mapcreator and it being available to the end user straight away. in 99% of cases all data in car gps is a year out of date by time its sent to you even though they may call it Q22020, you will have data from Q4 of 2018 or Q1 from 2019 instead

    Graham Bliss

    Thanks, what you’ve stated is sort of what I’ve discovered, but what’s not explainable is that the road through the village where I live is absent from a HERE map version that was supposedly created and released in 2019, but the section of road has existed for decades and the adjoining roads coming in from other local villages just come to a dead end, each side of my village. The absent road is clearly evident on google maps/earth, TomTom and other navigation aides, but not on the Here mapping. I have subsequently found out that the road is on their current mapping, which is visible online, so it’s clearly been added recently, but as you say I won’t get that until 2021 or later, but hopefully I get into before 2022, which is when my free Citroen/DS map update subscription expires! … but the lengthy delays in getting data processed and onto the end user device is understandable, but somewhat irritating!

    Jonathan Burrough

    This may have answered my question and explain my disappointment. I have just updated my Ford Sync3 SatNav, and discover that the changes in the A14 layout between Cambridge and Huntingdon have not been made, even though they appear on the HERE Map Creator! I guess I have to wait – is that right?

    Graham Bliss

    Jonathan, the simple answer is to check the current maps online on the HERE website. If the information is incorporated in that map then apparently it is known about and it will be published in a later version of the maps you download to your SatNav. Discussions that I have had with HERE have identified the fact that there is an inherent delay in the online data being incorporated in the versions the release to suppliers/customers, which could be in excess of 12/18 months … so the conclusion is that we just have to wait.

    As an aside, if the map data that you know is missing is not on the online version, then if you have a HERE account you can personally create/add it, but again this info needs to go through some form of validation by HERE, before it’s embedded in their map versions, which again takes time, so it will not be available as quickly as we’d like!

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    Peter Wells

    The problem with the validation process that Graham refers to in his 2020-07-14 posting is that the reviewers sometimes(?) often(?) regard the database as “reality” and refuse an update based on local knowledge. It’s almost as if they prefer to “reset” rather than compare with Google Maps or Google Earth (which can show give way lines at a junction., that HERE shows as a roundabout for example)
    There used to be the facility to upload a JPEG when asking for a refusal to be reviewed. Pity it’s no longer thee.

    BArry Green

    Add to that, I have an inkling that some vehicle manufacturers may post updated maps online at promissed intervals with a revised filename, but the contents are not changed.

    Simon Whight

    Well this explains things. I’ve been hammering Amazon Logistics to get my address mapped correctly (currently delivers across town for some reason), am promised that the changes will propagate in 24/48 hours, only for me to put an order in and again off to the wrong address.

    I’ve gone in and manually added in the neighbourhood now, about 13 houses continually struggling out here because the way the address defaults.

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