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    Lobsuek hostel locates at 141 Prachathippratai Road, Banpanthom, Pranakorn, Bangkok Thailand 10200.

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    Jos̩ Flor РOzFlor

    Please provide correct phone number to edit the place in the format 123-1111111
    Actual ph number is 2-1154295 I think one or 2 more digits are needed, not sure. If it is wrong it will not be approved and be part of the maps. As for the mobile numbers, I place a zero in front but the system does not accept.
    Also, the road (Prachathippratai ) you say it connects does not reflex on the maps. On the maps it connects to a trail or footpath. See pictures and if you can draw me back how it connects and post here.
    Jos̩ Flor РOzFlor (MapMasper/Ambassador)

    jiramoth thanapanaphruekkul

    .i’m it’s owner, Lobsuek hostel. it’s a +662-1154295 or 02-1154295 and 0902635789 and in the photo, it is not a road it’s a small alley or Soi(in thai) you have to walk only and it is connected to a footpath, already exist green’s a three-junction.

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