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  • Vladimir Vysotsky

    Here wego can’t start routing to the Kourion archaeological site. Also It’s not possible to add new places (ex. Kourion Beach) via mapcreator in this area:,32.882894765998316,18,0,0

    I believe it’s due to British Overseas Territory in the area. While de-facto there is no any obstacles to visit this area.
    Could you pls clarify this informaton and remove map restrictions on this areas.

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear user,
    thank you for the feedback. Editing these areas, will soon be enabled. Routing seems to be working. Please see attached image.
    HERE Map Creator Greece-Cyprus

    Vladimir Vysotsky

    I can’t start routing to the Kourion archaeological site from Limassol in the ios app – the start route button is disable.
    If I choose a little another destination point on the B6 road – all works good. Pls see the screenhots

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear user,
    in order for the system to start navigation to a desired location, you need to use your current location. From the second attached image, displaying the map, it seems that the start point, Lemesos, has been chosen manually. Is this correct? If yes then this is the reason. You can try similarly, with any other routing. If you choose manually a start point and a destination point, again the “start route” button would not be active. In the attached images you can see what we are saying. In the first image we have chosen manually a start point somewhere in Greece, and a destination point in the same administrative area. The “start route” button is not active. In the second image, were the start point is “your current location” the “start route” button is active. Same is for android too. Please check and let us know.
    Thank you

    Vladimir Vysotsky

    The “start route” button was inactive even If I used my current location as starting point and Kurion as destination point.
    And when I changed the destination point nearby to the B6 road – the routed started successfully.

    Moreover, when my current location was near Kurion – the “start route” button was disabled and I coudn’t start routing to wherever. Only when I drove to the B6 road I could start the navigation. So I believe the issue is connected with some special status of British Overseas Territory in the map.

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear user,
    thank you for sharing this information with us. We will investigate this and take necessary actions.

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Dear user, we would like to inform you that editing in those areas has been enabled.

    Vladimir Vysotsky

    Good news, thank you

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    Aqsa Bibi

    The issue regarding routing to the Kourion archaeological site and adding new places, such as Kourion Beach, via Map Creator in the specified area has been noted. It appears that restrictions might be related to the area’s status as a British Overseas Territory. However, we’ll investigate further to clarify this information and aim to remove any map restrictions accordingly. In the meantime, if you encounter any other concerns or encounter any Holosun 510c problems, please feel free to reach out. We’re committed to providing a seamless experience for our users.

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