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    Hi, I'm Japan TCS.
    The customer iPC reported the geomtry of this Junction is incorrect.
    This road is 6 lanes at first, become 5 lanes, and soon after changing 5 lanes, it divides into 3 lanes to left and 2 lanes to right.
    Please see attached image.
    Would you please investigate this ASAP and report whether this request acceptable or not?

    And also, 2D Generalized Junction View which is bind to this Junction is also incorrect.
    Please update it also.


    Lonel Labit

    Hi Kohei, do you have an image reported by IPC about this?


    I reported this issue in several requests in MC.
    As geometry change, Watchlist-Id: -3419238
    As explanation image, I attached it to MC, but I can’t find it on MC now (I don’t know why).
    Anyway I upload image for explanation here again.

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