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  • Gaurav Yadav

    Looks like this business is located at wrong location and needs to be removed.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Just like many others that somehow get onto the motorways/highways at other than the correct location clearly does not exist so it is easy to remove it.

    John Manning

    Kevin, out of interest what reason do you give when removing these items. “Never Existed”?

    Kevin Hutchison

    I feel if it is shown as located on a motorway or totally devoid of buildings or access then it is reasonable to say it never existed. There are so many I am at a loss to identify how they got into the database in the locations in the first place.

    There is even several (10 plus) located in a roundabout in Lagoon st Mackay that are clearly wrong and I am totally confused how they got there. So many are wrong it makes me wonder if the data is used by anyone.

    Sometimes it appears that the road may be correct but the location/street number is way off the mark.

    John Manning

    We agree on that approach then! When the street is correct but in the wrong location I sometimes move them. I am also puzzled by the number of incorrect places and the frequency at which they appear.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hello Gaurav (plus John and Kevin) A lot of incorrect locations get added from some of multitude of databases we source from, such as social media. We are also working on ways to clean this data up, but it does mean there’s often incorrect lcoations and places that don’t reflect reality. The approaches John and Kevin have suggested are good – delete and mark as never existed if it looks completely erroneous, but otherwise, if you can move it to correct location – that’s ideal. Gaurav, do let me know if you have any questions about editing directly in Map Creator –, that’s the most effective way to get the edits through quicker. Please email me at if any questions. thanks for the feedback, regards, Shona

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