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  • Peter Jermann

    My Zümo 390LM does not accept cross over routing of Stelvio (Trafoi – Bormio, SS38) and Gavia (Bormio – Ponte di Legno, SP29). Upon inquiry Garmin suspects map problems.
    Does anybody have any remedies?

    Paolo Rigato

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your feedback and apologize for the delay.
    Maybe it’s possible to have some more details on this issue? For instance: is your Zumo prompting some specific message?
    As you can see from the attached screenshot indeed, at a first check from our HERE WeGo portal the routing across Stelvio pass seemed ok.
    Looking forward for your feedback, I wish you a great day,



    Peter Jermann

    Hi Paolo
    Thanks for your reoly. Unfortunately I do not have any additional information, why my Zümo would not allow the crossovers. I did not get any error messages. Furthermore, my Zümo had previouisly been updated to latest firmware and maps.

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