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  • John Dike

    UCSF is a University of California, San Francisco, USA which was established in 1864. UCSF webmail has been created for better communication and also access only by UCSF staff or students. Let me tell you the setup of UCSF Webmail Outlook.
    1. First open MS Outlook
    2. Now click the “File” option and then “Add Account”
    3. Select “Email Account” fill in Your name, Email Address, and Password twice, and click on “Next”
    4. Settings will be automatically configured and then all is set to use your UCSF email on your device

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    Kevin Martin

    First, you will need to log in to your UCSF outlook account. After logging in, you will need to select settings from the top right corner. Then, select linked accounts in the menu.

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