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  • Michal Kaut

    I found a strange (to me at least) error in navigation: it insists on a much longer route than necessary. However, when I add an extra way point that forces the correct route, it gets selected – which means that the correct route is possible, but not used by default – why?
    The problematic place is in Heimdal, south of Trondheim – see the attached screen shots. Note that the one with the optimal route has an extra way point.

    (This is annoying, since I see the same problem in my car (VW), which I believe has a navigation based on HERE maps..)

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Michal,
    Thank you for raising this issue. On Sivert Thonstads vei HERE had an incorrect ‘no through traffic’ restriction that would only allowing routing along the road if it was either your origin or destination point or as in your case a way point.

    This has now been removed and will allow routing again along it.

    Thanks, Ben

    Michal Kaut

    Hi Ben,
    thanks for fixing this. It does not work for me yet, but I guess it takes some time before the updates make it to the online map..
    But I would like to know where you found the ‘no through traffic’ restriction? I do not see it anywhere in the road attributes in Map Creator (when I select the road segment and chose “Edit road details”).

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Michal,

    It should be no more than two weeks for the update.
    By checking the box shown in the image it will toggle on or off the attribute Local vehicular traffic only. Internally its called no through traffic.

    Thanks, Ben

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