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  • Ken Su

    Hi, we want to add our company to the place but we have been waiting for about a month and have no responses yet. Could you please advise us some advice on solving this issue? Thank you.

    Kevin Hutchison

    You obviously missed the “Please Note: “at the top of your post.

    PLEASE NOTE: The discussion forum is NOT a place to submit map feedback. Please go to Map Creator to add your edit or submit feedback. Feedbacks, such as a road or place edit, that is added in the Discussion forum will NOT be worked or resolved.
    For more information please see the General Guidelines here

    Adding places is done in Mapcreator by simply going to Map Creator. go to location, select “add a place” from the right hand menu, choose the category and place attributes and you will have added the company as you require.

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    Williams John

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    Kevin Hutchison

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