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  • Stephen Dadda

    Are there any published HERE guidelines or processes and procedures for adding House Numbers in the UK?
    I have added House Numbers for predominantly detached or semi-detached domestic residences in the Wilton Road area of Southampton which appears to be straightforward but a better resolution satellite image would make much easier.
    I have used local knowledge and cross referenced addresses with the Royal Mail Post Code Finder and the Valuation Office Agency Council Tax Valuation List. Are there other address lists that I should check against?
    I have questions about how to enter sub-divided houses (a few entered) and blocks of flats (avoided to date) which I hope the guidelines will answer.
    I have avoided looking at commercial properties so far until I can see guidelines on how to input them.
    I have concerns that unless the guidelines are publicised and enforced by HERE moderators that House Numbers will become as misleading as Places.

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    I have been dealing a lot with house numbers and approved by Claire, please see my facebook post with all details.. I can answer all your questions but easier if you use the facebook page rather than this discussion board.

    Stephen Dadda

    Thanks for the offer to answer my questions but I don’t have a Facebook account and your link requires me to sign in to view anything.
    My initial questions are:
    For infill houses should the alpha be upper or lower case. HERE moderators have changed them all to lower case so assume this is the unpublished standard?
    How to input a property with an address like Bassett Lawn Tennis Club, 124 – 142 Wilton Road SO15 5JR? HERE won’t accept 124 – 142 as a house number.
    How to input a property with no house number like Wilton Court Wilton Road SO15 5RU. This is a block of flats with 18 flats and its own post code.
    How to input a house which has been divided into flats. Should there be one House Number entry for the property or separate entries for each flat?
    How to check that the correct post code has been applied to the property as well as the house number?
    Is the Royal Mail Post Code Finder the definitive source for postal addresses or is there another source?
    Thanks for your help,

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    I have added a guide to this discussion board so you can see it.

    I have always used capital letters for A, B, C etc…if HERE staff want to change it to lower case then its upto them but I have always left it as upper case.

    For the tennis club, if building has a name then add that but as for numbers just input the first number only that being 124.

    For Wilton Court do the same as I showed in the Guide, add all 18 numbers and add the building name to it too. ( I have added the numbers to that address so you can see what I mean)

    If it is a building with flats in it, example: Building number 56 but has Flats named A, B, C etc or called Flat 1, Flat 2 etc… you only need the main building number which is 56 and nothing else. If the building has a name then also add that.

    You cannot add postcodes or check them that is an internal HERE thing which we have no access too.

    There is another reliable official source that you can and should use, but cannot say on here, thats why would like to send you a private message. See is you still have my email address it will have word virtual in it.

    Terry Bates

    On your last bit Gordon on the other official source can I get you to email me the link. I was making a mini start on some Welsh streets.

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