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    The home was built, in part, between 1809-1820, when the owner was James Jack, on lot 27 and half of lot 14 of Andrew Stroup's first 1809 plan. It became known as "Home of the Doctors" after it was purchased by Dr. Thomas Coverly (1835), whose medical successors were Dr. Hugh Montgomery (1841-1872), Dr John F. Woods and his son, Dr William Woods (1872-1934).

    The original house is essentially unchanged. At one time a small one-story addition was the town post office, served by the wife and daughter of Dr. John Woods. The present porch replaced a small front porch early in the 1900s. Each corner of this log house, now owned by Maude Hubler Graham, is strongly braced with other logs, all hand-cut timbers 6-10 inches thick and fastened with hand-cut nails and wooden pegs. Many of the doors are hand made, as is the heavy front door which has 35-inch iron hinges.

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