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    Hi, the search results for "Hylton Cyprus" display two places – (1) a place associated with the correct address of the hotel which is all okay, and (2) a place associated with this street – Οδός Δημητσανης, which is a duplicate and should be merged/deleted.
    When I click on the duplicate result in MapCreator, I cannot find the hotel icon, so I can start editing it, the only place at the location is a supermarket.
    I need assistance and explanation as to why the result leads to a wrong location, thanks in advance.

    Vas Pag

    Thank you for your input. It seems that this issue exists due to incorrect placement of the location of Hilton Cyprus in Facebook from the official Hilton Cyprus page. We have a collaboration with Facebook and in some cases the Places from Facebook are visible in Map Creator. Our suggestion is to contact the owners of the Facebook page and ask them to correct the location of the Place.

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    Hi Vasilis,

    Thank you so much! Your answer was really helpful!

    This pops another question though. When I manage to edit the pin in Facebook, will both results in Mapcreator merge somehow? Or the search will continue displaying two results, yet on the same location – one editable and one non-editable.

    Thank you!

    Vas Pag


    During the integration stage, i.e. ingestion of the data from Map Creator to our database the two entries will merge.


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