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    Michael Saunders

    I was able to remove a road that did not exit however it still displays at a higher level. The road name is Brown Rd located in Howard County Maryland. It’s actually just a common driveway. It disappears when zoomed in close but remains at higher levels.

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Michael

    Your post ended up on the UK forum for some reason. Can you repost this to anmd hoepfully the guys based in the USA can help you!



    John Holden

    Hi, I hope you can help, I’m having a frustrating time trying to get started. I have edited a section of Cliff Lane, see attached, as it is a private road. Here doesn’t seem to have that concept. I’ve changed it to Track but the change has reverted. In attempting to submit photos as evidence, submit is greyed out. Finally my id does not show that I have made any changes and my edits to Cliff Lane show as “Community User”. I have attempted to change it again, to Pedestrian Road but I’m rather expecting it to revert again. How do I get the change to stick and can you shed any light on my other problems?

    Roland Hanbury

    I know this is an old post, but in case others come across it. I’m no expert but I believe the correct thing is to show it as a road but tick the box “Local vehicular traffic only” under road access. Tracks and pedestrian roads are for areas that are barred to vehicles altogether (and in the former case, probably impassable by vehicles).

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    Daniel Buckley

    Does VW/Skoda use Mapcreator for their satnav systems like Amundsen?

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