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  • aksharesh jha


    Mudrika Shakdwipee

    Hi there. Thanks for your feedback, Can you please provide more info on this feedback like feedback is related to road name or place name. We value the input of your local knowledge and encourage you to build on this.

    aksharesh jha

    the road has been modified and a new bridge was constructed so it all has changed

    Mudrika Shakdwipee

    Thank you for your feedback,Thank you for supporting us in making your area as accurate as possible in our map.

    Mudrika Shakdwipee

    Hi there, glad to hear about your business, however, this forum isn’t for advertising, so I need to remove your post. Let’s keep the discussion board about the map! Please provide inputs related to map.

    Pasang Lama

    I found your business location has indexed on the map

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