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    Over the past 2 months I have been adding house numbers to all streets so they are 100% accurate and so far have done 3 complete towns that Claire is aware of and approves of.

    The good thing about editing street by street is that I am able to add all the missing paths, roads and road names which otherwise could have been missed.

    Image 1 shows George Aitken Court, with this you name the building as “George Aitken Court” and then add the numbers of the propery as shown on Image 2. There is 23 flats all with a number so this is what you add, not just one that says 1 to 23 which is incorrect.

    Image 3 shows tenement blocks, as you can see it goes from 152 to 180, from local knowledge I know that building 160 is split in two so 158 and 160 are two different properties and property 160 is numbers 160 and 162, the property next to it is listed as to 170, this is actually separate properties 164 and 166, and 168 and 172. So what may seem simple is not so. Image 4 should explain this.

    Image 6 as you can see not all numbers are listed on the map so have to use your brain in numbering it correctly. You can see numbers 1 and 10 are shown along with the houses but no numbers, you can clearly see there is 10 properties so means its numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and not odd and even like some streets.
    Image 7 shows the complete edit.

    Tower blocks you only need one edit and that is the building name, you do not need to add any numbers.

    Shopping Centres and Industrial Units all you need is the number not the word “Unit”

    Remember: The number should be placed in the centre of the building not on the street near it.

    Any questions please ask.

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