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  • James Barton

    Is there any way you can correct the golf clubs in the UK? All of the ones I have visited or plan on visiting are shown on the map with Golf Course in the title. Yet if you go to the place, or to their website, they all call themselves Golf Club. I keep submitting edits, and adding the true location (in every instance either the location or the road it is supposed to come off has been wrong). The location flag ought to be on the clubhouse, and the road marker ought to be where the access to the car park comes off the public road.

    It is also ridiculous to find that for one of those i have seen today, it has 4 markers – the “course” which should say club, plus the bar, the restaurant and the half-way house refreshment shed. ALL of them were located ON THE ROAD, and not actually at the point where it came off the DUAL CARRIAGEWAY, but about 20 yards PAST the turn-in.

    Who put all of these on?

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi James,
    Thanks for your detailed feedback. I’m currently checking with our Points of Interest team the overall status of the naming and location of these and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again for your post here and your continued edits.

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Hi James,
    Our Points of Interest team aim to do a review and a full update of the naming of these in the week beginning 12th June. Watch out for the changes to the naming, but please do continue to make edits regarding the location of the Golf Clubs, and it’s associated POI’s. There are normally several POI’s at the location, reflecting our multiple POI categories and specifications. These are located on the nearest navigable link for routing nearest the entrance, but we value your feedback and local knowledge on this topic regarding these errors and welcome your edits to correct to reality if you do indeed find an error.

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