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  • Allen Kleyn

    The address for Flip Out Portsmouth is incorrect,
    in Here maps when you search for Flip Out Portsmouth, it enters the address in Marsdon road Portsmouth.
    This is incorrect, it should be Unit 4 Harbour gate business park, Southampton road, Portsmouth, PO64BQ.
    How do I change this, its very frustrating when Here maps takes you to the wrong place

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    nearly all the poi’s are in the wrong place, some are even hundreds of miles wrong some even in middle of motorways or the sea, its a known issue and not an easy fix as your talking hundreds or thousands of them that are incorrect

    Claire Robinson

    Hi Allen,
    Thanks for your post.
    By the sounds of it, this may be a Facebook/another source POI, and therefore only the business themselves can change it on their business Facebook page – we have many feedback about these type of errors and this being the problem.
    What are you searching on?
    I’ll get our field team to investigate the POI in our core database and ensure that is all correct.
    Thank you.

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi Allen,

    I have checked the UK core map and can confirm the POI is in the correct location with all the correct information.
    As Claire said, the incorrect POI you are seeing is from another third party source that unfortunately we don’t have any control over their inclusion.
    Some systems use this wider POI database ahead of Core and we cannot change this. HERE are aware of and are working on making the two databases match better all the time.

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