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    مطبعة فراس من المطابع الرائده في الاردن ويأتي نجاح المطبعة من حب الوالد بدر الصفدي وابناءه للمحافظة على ما تم بناءه وانجازه من نجاحات .
    Welcome to Feras Printing Press, Jordan’s leading and most creative offset printer. We are a family-owned business developed from the passion of the patriarch, Bader al-Safadi and maintained by the dedication of the children. We utilize the highest parameters of technology and innovative implementation and our dedicated team is prepared to meet your business needs and brand specifications to provide you with outstanding printing services.Whether you need security printing, school books and calendars or a magazine printed in high proportions or small scale-whatever your requirements are, you can depend on us for all of your professional printing services.

    Mohamed Abdeljalil

    Thank you for the feedback, please update the Printing House location using Map Creator.

    Have a great day Issa 🙂

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