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  • Sijan Shrestha

    Hey guys,

    Is there any way we could add the address 2 Koplick Rd, Chambers Flat QLD 4133 to here maps?


    Kevin Hutchison

    The Estate is in Map Creator and shows 2 Koplick Rd Chambers Flat as being in Nosemans Cres. I have connected Nosemans Cres to Koplink Rd relocating the pointer to be in Koplink Rd.

    As this appears to be a Lifestyle Village it requires someone like you add the details as the roads are usually private roads and Council rarely supplies this information.

    I have named Webb, St Andrews & Perry the other names can easily be added by yourself as can the house numbers if required. Beware those house numbers may form part of the main address such as 100/2 Koplink Rd as the internal roads may not be gasetted roads but you will need to confirm this.

    Sijan Shrestha

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for the update.

    I had tried to add the address from the creator right before I posted this.

    I have added a house number as well but I cannot see it when I search. Does it need to be approved? I’m assuming yes and if so, how long does it take to update this address?

    Kevin Hutchison

    Yes changes need to be verified and some are quick but some are not depending on the complexity of the verification. If you look under “your feed” found on the left of the Map Creator screen under “your stuff” you will see the status of your request.

    Then it takes time for the GPS companies (Garmin, Navman etc) to provide the update, then it must be downloaded so it is a long cycle. A little quicker for “Here we Go” as it is on line.

    By the way I see Google Earth is even further out of date, they all take volumes of input from volunteers (crowd sourced) and other sources in an attempt to reflect the real world.

    Kevin Hutchison

    I have attempted to set up three existing “Lifestyle estates” to be found in searches in GPS’s and have tripped over the same problem where internal streets are named.

    Is Ingenia Lifestyle Chambers Pines part of Chambers Lifestyle Resort and are the house numbers and street names listed as their official mail address with the post office.

    I am guessing the official mail address in “unit” / 2 Koplick Road and the only recognised “official” street within the Village seems to be Golf Links Drive.

    Looking at the existing house number system I see they are not numbered by the street names, number 64 is in First st and 65 is in Golflinks Drive and having Multiple addresses will cause confusion at some stage between the “official” post office one and the local private street address. This must be resolved by renumbering all the houses if the GPS address is to be sorted .

    Unfortunately the GPS systems are not setup to address private estates with private street names, they are only set up to give directions to official addresses and all the house numbers would have to show “Unit” / 2 Koplick Rd, not the their private street named, to be able to be “found” in the GPS search.

    Of course 4 Norman Cres, 2 Koplick Road would work but sure to cause confusion with many going to 2 Norman Cres.

    Best of luck, I would love to know if you find a solution.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Just by accident I found that unit numbers can be added by use of the “-” between the street number and the unit number. This allows the “official address” to be added but I am not sure how many people will guess to put 100 – 9 instead of 100 / 9 and if the streets within the estate/village are named there will still be the dual street name issue.

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