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  • Jenny Morrissey

    For a friend and I. I really dont have a clue, im just doing everything to my imagination on this place because i cant find it anywhere else and i like it. Is everything public? I dont want any to be public because i dont wanna ruin anything. Thanks?

    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    depends what you mean by save, are you adding roads then clicking save or adding gpx files?
    if you add a road or house number or place then as soon as you click save it goes to moderation review and if they think its correct it will be approved and made live.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Just be sure any changes are right then when moderated it will go straight through.

    Pritam Purohit

    yours edits are not directly published to public it has a verification process after the verification it is been updated and you get a mail regarding it.

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