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  • Dinu Gherman

    I think having these clouds in a few places is not really helpful for reading a map. I’m attaching a screenshot of “Berlin Friedenau”. You can also find a large shadow of this cloud not far away in the map, which is also quite disturbing. This is also something I cannot edit in the map myself, I assume. 😉

    Bernd Gehle

    Please – use the “alternate Sat”

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Dinu,
    indeed. As BerGe mentioned, in this situation the Alternate Sat helps out. Very often it´s the way around, means that you have clouded parts in Alternate Sat and the “normal Sats” are cloud free but often out-dated.
    Best regards, Eric

    Dinu Gherman

    That works on MapCreator, but I don’t see how that works on, e.g.

    Eric Oeder

    Yes, correct. In WeGo you have only one sat layer available.

    Octavian Borcan

    Actually you can report that using feedback button – report map problem/satellite image problem/image is obscured by clouds. And then someone from imagery team can try to switch that area imagery with one without clouds.

    Martin Schröder

    Hi Octavian, reporting “image is obscured by clouds” doesn’t pay. I reported several times clouds (as well as shifted Sat-Images), but even more than six monts later nothing happened at all. It seems that nobody at HERE takes care about valuable user reports.
    Best regards, Martin.

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