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  • Leo Wings


    Quick background, I purchased a Subaru in 2015. I was extremely disappointed in how bad and out of date the mapping data was on the inbuilt GPS that I decided to join the HERE Map Creator community to help improve the poor mapping experience for others and myself once it was updated to my car.

    After many hours, days, weeks and years of updating, I got frustrated with the length of time it would take HERE to provide the updates in Australia to car OEMs and the third party units etc., that I stopped.

    Fast forward to this year, we purchased a new baby Mercedes-Benz (FYI, Daimler AG is part HERE owner) and to see the mapping data was still so out of date and so poor compared to every other mapping company was again so disappointing.

    This could only be the Oceana or Australia branch or a worldwide issue or Benz AU themselves, I really don’t know, and I would love to know how it works and who’s cage I can rattle to help get these map updates out quicker and to ensure the expected quality.

    Anyway, I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears and something will give. In the meantime, I’m back to updating HERE maps because I can’t help myself.

    P.s On a side note to the HERE AU team. I have a lung disease and am currently not working. If we still own/ have them, I’m happy to borrow a HERE mapping vehicle and drive and map with it for you for a while for FREE to help out.


    Kevin Hutchison

    Hi Leo, I share your concern, my 2018 Prius came with a 2016 map and Toyota still say it is the latest.
    My Garmin conversely is regularly updated, although not as often as before.

    My 67,000 Mapcreator edits can be seen on my Garmin, but not on the in car unit so I have switched off the in car unit completely. Here used to even publish a Community Leader Board of those volunteers supplying update information.

    What I think has happened is the car manufacturers took map updates on as a revenue stream and soon found that the free standing GPS market began sell in free map updates even cutting their own throats, so there is no incentive to supply map updates from Here.

    It is a pity because the perception is that Google Phone maps are up to date being online only and Here Automotive GPS’s are seen as out of date.

    Bernice Stalley

    Hi Leo and Kevin,
    Thanks for your messages and we appreciate the contribution that you and the other community contributors have made over the years.
    Updates from Map Creator are processed by our team of moderators and submitted to our database generally within a few weeks, depending on the type of edit. The time it takes these to reflect in end user products however, can greatly vary.

    We do supply our maps to a large proportion of car manufacturers in Oceania, including some of the HERE’s owners. However, we don’t control the map release or frequency of updates for these OEMs. As such, we try to plan as best as possible to ensure that we include major construction updates in line with how each of our map users would be taking/updating the map.
    Another consideration relies on the end consumer to update their maps .

    Most OEMs are moving towards connected services (including maps) which will reduce delays in map updates, and in fact will include real-time updates. This is an integral component when moving towards autonomous vehicles.

    Once again, we thank you for your contribution. More recently, we have shifted our focus from growing the local Map Creator community to a more targeted approach. We continue to welcome and will use feedback from Map Creator whilst also investing in new technologies and techniques to make changes more timely and accurate.

    Leo Wings

    Hi Bernice,

    Thank you for the replay and a long time since we last spoke; hope you’re still doing well?

    I understand and appreciate what you are saying as far as the process to the end-user. I can see these days updates to the HERE mapping data, say using HERE WeGo (p.s needs some UI work) are slightly faster than in the past and that’s great. Roads, infrastructure and new mass housing estates are expanding rapidly and having up to date and reliable data is a must from the car manufactures, so It’s disappointing it takes them so long to get updates out.

    I was excited to see my new car have the connected services with the real-time updates listed as a feature, however real-world and comparing to HERE WeGo shows the “real-time” is complete crap and still out of date. It’s definitely connected and enabled as I’ve verified it with the dealer several times complaining about the maps being out of date.

    One of the features of the new car is semi-autonomous driving using both HERE maps and the camera system, where I can set it and it will slow down and do roundabouts, turns etc without me touching the brake or accelerator, however, it’s not perfect with some of the slip lanes as the HERE data does not always contain a slip lane only a turn. I would hate to rely on a fully autonomous vehicle in its current state.

    As for shifting away from the Creator community, that is a kind of said, as local knowledge is so important. I would be interested to know what your targeted approaches are if you’re allowed to tell? I can only hope it doesn’t rely on so-called high-resolution satellite images or similar and then machine learning creates the roads; as this leads to adding a heap of private driveways and other errors I have come across with other mapping providers.

    I have attached some images of the versions of the data from my car Bernice to see if any of it makes sense to you or maybe it is the latest?. Also, one image shows me searching for an address, but it just shows Melbourne for everything and not each suburb, it does this for every search. Do you think this may be an issue with the Mercedes MBUX software or something else?

    Thanks again for your time, it’s really appreciated.

    Cheers, Leo.

    jose anderson

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    robort arm

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