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  • John Manning

    What is the criteria for a place to be added to a map?

    Permanent fixtures such as buildings are obviously included but I am unsure about others following some rejected edits.

    If I go somewhere and can’t see a place, I don’t think it should be added, but what is the rule?

    Some examples and my views:

    1) Meeting place for an organisation (e.g. Rotary) – No reference to the organisation should be made unless it is a building dedicated to that organisation.

    2) Meeting place in a park for a fitness group (e.g. Bootcamp, Yoga. walking group,. etc.) – Should not be included

    3) Temporary structures (e.g. Carmen on the Harbour, St. George Open Air Cinema – both in Sydney) – a tricky one because they exist for a month or two then disappear

    4) Keno (a gambling activity in many pubs and clubs) – The venue only should be included

    Kevin Hutchison

    John I agree 100% to all four of your examples, otherwise, every entertainment/sporting venue would have all their events listed as places and maintaining meaningful calendars is beyond the scope of the update cycles of GPS devices.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi John and Kevin, All of the examples you’ve given are correct, however some of the sources we collect data from bring in things like events and temporary structures – so these may appear in MapCreator, even if they aren’t part of our core database.

    John Manning

    Shona, when you say that they appear in MapCreator, event though they are not part of the core database, does that mean you are relying on people to identify and remove these manually? If not, maybe they will end up flowing into devices?

    Thanks too Kevin for your quick response and confirmation.

    Lily F

    Hi John, Kevin and Shona,
    I cannot exactly agree with points 1,2 and 3.
    People are moving away from ‘brick and mortar’ businesses.
    For example fitness instructors they are at a certain place at certain times (maybe in a park), tour businesses start tours from a meeting place, which is very often not an office.
    People are using maps and navigation because they are unfamiliar with an area. So, if a tourist wants to find a fitness or a tour group in a new City they should be able to do that.
    Concerning temporary structures, I think there should be a programmable start/end option. It will keep the map functional and uncluttered.

    Kevin Hutchison

    There are fundamental issues with dynamic place data and how various programs offer this to the general public.
    1. A large portion of Here Mapping data is downloaded as map updates to other databases making the timeliness of the dynamic data often questionable and maintaining any accuracy relating to when the event occurs or if it is a one off.
    My Toyota data is 2016 and I have not been able to get a later update yet my Garmin data is updated twice a year, both proudly sourced from Here Technology.
    2. Place data is often a key differentiator in the final display and there seems to be a massive divergence between place data on devices using Here mapping base. Much of the Here place data does not appear in Garmin for instance yet other items that are not in Here do.
    3. Various organisations collect and sell data much like the various phone directories and it is impossible to keep up with all the changes. Then there are the various names that particularly events are listed under when sponsors change.
    My preference is to Have Mapcreator focus on roads and mapping instead of being an event callendar.

    John Manning

    Lily, it’s great to get your perspective on these issues – everyone uses the maps differently..

    My main reason for providing map updates is so that they flow through to my Garmin device, but the updates take so long (although better than 2016).

    I can think of many situations where the start ad end dates could be used though, particularly in the centre of Sydney.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Yes me too, John I used it to update the 6 Garmin units we use for wide load escort, plus my two Garmin 2797 units for mr car and motorhome.
    Adding all the local road changes for wide load work has been a tremdous help for ourselves and the multitude of trucks that visit the Bowen Basin mines. I now have 80 mine routes from Mackay in our GPS units as the 2797 route planning is great. We use 100s of our own custom POI’s place data for mine data to keep up to date with changes.
    If only there was an app that used the Here data live, like Google, I would convert as sadly Google data in the country and comes a poor second plus it is much harder to update, not having the fantastic “Mapcreator
    ” tool.

    Lily F

    Hi Kevin,
    Hi John,
    Thank you for your replies. They give me a better understanding of the Mapcreator.
    Kevin has a good point considering what Here maps are used for focusing on roads and mapping makes good sense.
    Hopefully, Here maps will develop even further one day, updates will be quicker and someone in the management will decide that the Map should be capable to show events.
    For now, I come here to test my knowledge of the City, learn something new and remove spam 🙂
    BTW, Bing maps improved their game lately.
    Thank you, everyone.

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