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  • D. Beuken

    Another problem I am experiencing when correcting phone numbers is that they always will be reverted.
    In many cases phone numbers in the Here database have the wrong format, like:
    +31 020 228 8888
    An orange message will appear: “The phone number is not valid”. If you correct the number to the right format (+31 20-2288888) after some days the change will be reverted to the wrong format. If you added some more info like email address or internet address this info will be lost., just because someone thinks the phone number should be reverted to the wrong format…
    Please, please change the way submissions are judged! Man, many correct info is reverted to wrong info because it’s not clear what people actually judging about. Some people like the +31 020 228 8888 format more so they revert it without knowing that they revert it to an invalid format.

    With mobile numbers it’s even more ridiculous. When people have to check a change they see a change from “31 612345678” to “612345678” so they think the first one is more correct so they revert it. When you actually check the number with the place in Here it’s “+31 31 612345678” (which is wrong off course). But this value is displayed as “31 612345678” when judging items. This is very confusing and sensitive to errors.

    So please change the map creator so that people are aware of the correct phone number format when judging submissions. Now they are reverting everything because a right value in the database is displayed in the wrong way.

    D. Beuken

    Example with screenshots.
    I made a correction to store the mobile number in the right way in the database. This correction is seen in picture “Corrected value in the database.jpg”. It was “+31 +31 0642345172” and I changed it to “+31 642345172” (according to Here this is the right format)
    When you check the submission, the country code is cut off (picture “The way the correction is presented.jpg”). So the someone who is checking the submissions the orginal format looks better because he does not know the country code was already cut off and will revert the change.

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Thank you for your feedback. This is just the representation under Your Feed. A Moderator will see the pre-populated country codes.
    Kind regards,

    D. Beuken

    But why is a Moderator reverting them then when you correct the number to the desired format? The system says tghe number has the wrong format. I change it to the desired format and the Moderator reverts it to the wrong format…. I don’t get it…

    original number: +31-31 20 1234567
    corrected to: +31 20 1234567
    will be reverted to: +31-31 20 1234567


    Matthias Locher

    This looks more like a bug in map creator. It tells you the Number is wrong (wrongly formated due to country prefix), where as applications using the here data don’t have a Problem.
    On top, map Creator tells you this wrong message for all millions of places in Switzerland, so you don’t want to edit them one by one.

    D. Beu

    Editing one by one is not an option indeed, but when you edit the Place info (like email address, website, opening hours etc.) AND you correct the phone number your whole edit will be rejected. So lots of new correct info has been lost because of this bug in Map creator.

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