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  • Daniel Lauwers

    Complete A11 in update ofaugust West-Europe 2018.20 !!!

    Alicja HERE

    Dear Daniel,

    Could you please let me know, which map do you mean? Embedded map in the car (if yes, which car manufacturer?) HERE We Go? Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    I have a brand new Mazda CX5 since monday last week and like Daniël says, de A11 is not mentioned properly on the gps in the car. There is an “update” since september 2017 so why is this road not mentioned?
    Also on several roads the speed limit is not updated since the limit went from 90km/h to 70km/h on the districtroads!!

    Map Creator Benelux

    Hi Jean-Pierre,

    I understand your frustration but unfortunately we don’t have any control over how often the car manufacturers release an “update” to their clients. The changes/edits you did should be should be visible in Map Creator and within few weeks’ time in HERE WeGo app. In navigation system (for example: car manufacturers, Garmin), it depends on the company itself. Again, we just provide our clients with up to date maps and unfortunately we have no influence on how often they provide the release of an update. Attached please find the process from edit to integration. As you can see, it can even last up to 18 months. I hope you can undertand that there are many parties involved.

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