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  • Arturs Mikitovs

    Good day.
    We can't search this street Rässenberg and house 374. It is assigned to the wrong zip code. If I check with the official CH map this street and house should be assigned to zip code 9213 Hauptwil. And by searching with this zip code I can't find it. Could you please fix it?
    All streets and houses are approved.

    Best regards,
    Arturs Mikitovs

    Eric Oeder

    you can search and find street name with this house number 374 in this municipality though. Please always check in WeGo. But, postal code can be wrong, is 9220 not correct then?

    Best regards

    Arturs Mikitovs

    Hi Eric.
    Thanks for fast response.
    Yes the zip code is wrong. By the official CH map zip code should be 9213.
    If there are other questions free free to inform.

    Best regards,

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Arturs,
    as far as I see in WeGo there might be an admin boundary that crosses the link to that address. That might be the reason.
    Could you please send me a mail to with the necessary details and I will forward that to the Core Map Team who will change the admin coding in the Core Map accordingly, if necessary.

    Thanks and regards

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