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    Cash for junk cars Vancouver, Car Elimination Services for Maple Ridge. We pay Cash for cars your scrap vehicles. Getting rid of all scrap and trash vehicles. Our objective of service is to give quick, free, no-hassle elimination of undesirable vehicles weather it is in running condition or not, Get used car parts for sale & sell my car for cash.


    BC Junk Cars is a full-service, Vancouver-based auto wrecking company that has been in operation since 2015. The company provides junk car trade-ins and car parts sales to interested consumers, salvaging the most valuable parts of unused or worn down vehicles. Dedicated to the consumer experience, BC Junk Cars provides the most lucrative junk car trade-in estimates available to those living in Vancouver today.Located at 23359 Fisherman Road, Maple Ridge, BC Junk Cars is open during all normal business hours.Want to get rid of your beat down automobile, collecting dust on your property? We offer cash for cars, auto parts, car parts, auto parts store, here at BC Junk Cars, providing you with a valuable solution to an annoying problem. Auto wreckers Vancouver Junk cars in Vancouver We declare a junk car estimate, giving you cash in return.

    Jonhy Gaarg

    Dont like to buy used parts

    Jonhy Gaarg

    I had an experience of buying spare parts from such places, the spare part came in poor quality and it was wasted money. Since then I try to buy only new spare parts, for example recently I bought fog lamps on , check out what there big choice!

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