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  • Jose J Mena

    Hello, I have noticed (seen in my Ford car navigator that is using HERE Maps) that one street was not available – it is Avenue Roger Lallemand in Ixelles – 1050, just near Metro Delta, close to the ULB. I have added it in the Map Creator – is there something else expected to be done? When the “official” HERE Maps will be updated, and later on visible in the car, any experience from other users?

    Jens Jakobus van den Hout

    Good morning Jose J Mena,

    I see you did a good job by adding the road yourself in Map Creator, and it seems the edits are now going through moderation before eventually being integrated. At the moment you don’t have to take any action; if in a few weeks the edits are still not integrated in WeGo desktop feel free to reach us at this forum or by mail at Once the data will be integrated into our coremap and visible on WeGo, then it depends on your car’s navigation system updates when it will be visible in their system.

    Kind regards,

    Jose J Mena

    Hello, I see that the data has not been integrated in the map and now it does not appear in the map creator. I created Avenue Roger Lallemand, the buildings and the numbers. You can find it in Google Maps and in Waze.
    Why has not been approved and why my modifications have been eliminated? It is frustrating as the street exist almost for 5 years now.

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