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  • Andrew Gransden

    There are a number of villages in my area with the speed limit incorrect set to 60mph. I submitted some changes to reduce these to 30mph in Rathven near Buckie. However, one has been accepted (ID 1199484911) today (2 Aug) and the speed limit reset to 60mph. Why?

    PS. Tried to add image. Progress text appeared running up to 100% and then disappeared.

    Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

    Thanks for alerting us to this Andrew, I’ll get Ben to check this out. We really value your speed limit edits, and so we are also eager to get to the bottom of this.
    Regarding the image upload – this seems to be a common thing with this bug – and it seems to work on the second or further attempts?

    Andrew Gransden

    Thanks Claire. The changing of default speed limits seems to be a common theme when the HERE Professional is accepting updates. It does not always happen but is there a default setting that is not being set/cancelled at the time?

    Looking through my accepted changes (which I do regularly) there appears to be a lack of information against the change the contributor made. For example, ID 1050182338 and 852014037.

    Finally, related question. What is the policy for setting speed limits on farm/property access roads? These tend to have no public speed limit set and are invariably unpaved lanes/tracks with limited public access? I have been setting no speed limit but with a low average speed (20mph).

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