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  • Ya G

    Since last week (August 12 2018), many speed limits in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have been increased by 20km/h.

    More information here:

    I have edited myself a few of the speed limits of a couple of roads I often use, but the process is going to be long and painstaking… Does the Here team have a shortcut, or maybe they have their own process to take into account this widespread change decided by the government ?

    Updating the speed limits is really urgent, because the other change taking place at the same time is that speed camera don’t have “buffers” any more, the radar will catch you as soon as you’re 1km/h above the limit. The Here app and its warning sounds could be extremely useful, at least if the speed limit data is accurate !

    Thanks for the great work of the Here team and all the volunteers.

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    wail abou assaf

    Thanks Ya G ,
    we are doing investigation on reality to be able make the change

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