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  • Richard Bracegirdle

    Hi – I have a Mazda 3 Infotainment ‘Connect’ System (2016) with an active subscription to road traffic information which Mazda have advised me is provided by HERE. I need to report an incorrect main road closure (which has been showing closed for some weeks now) and your contact centre advised I should register here and report it – please accept my apologies if this is the incorrect process as I’m new to the forum and couldn’t find any other way to report 🙂


    For some weeks now the A540 ‘Chester High Road’ in Wirral/Cheshire has been showing incorrectly on Mazda Connect satnavs as closed due to roadworks.

    This incorrect closure is quite extensive and runs from the town of Heswall southwards until the A540 intersection with the A550, some eight miles south. It’s a major and busy dual carriageway which is definitely not closed. There have been some roadworks at the A540/A550 intersection but these completed in November 2017 and never caused a complete road closure..

    The markings on the sat nav show a gate icon across each end of the closure, and the road is marked in black between the two icons.

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    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    i have had a look and the whole of Chester High Road is fine no restrictions on it. are you sure your using HERE maps as they dont display gates. OSM does so maybe your using that?

    Richard Bracegirdle

    Thanks for checking – that was quick!!

    I‘ve drilled down into the Mazda sat nav screens and attached a couple of screenshots from the Mazda SatNav – one screen shows a ‘info provided by Here’ logo (but I guess that could be hard-coded rather than real-time), the other shows the closure section on the A540 . No other maps are showing the closure (Apple, Google, TomTom etc) so it maybe a problem with the Mazda software rather than Here – if you draw a blank I’ll take it to Mazda and thanks again for looking into it 🙂

    Best regards

    Richard Bracegirdle
    Gordon HERE Map Master (Ambassador)

    there is nothing suggesting its here maps that are at fault as the maps dont show any restrictions and as i saw it does not use gates for closures so looks like its your cars provider/software etc thats at issue. as you seem to be using live traffic reports it would be worth checking with who provides that specific data, some gps devices may use here maps but use external data from tomtom, OSM and other providers so its not always a simple thing to figure out.
    have you tried rebooting your device and then disable all bluetooth and other internet access to it so it cannot access live traffic or anything else, then try the route and see if roads are still blocked when gps device cannot contact anyone for updates,.?

    Benjamin Leese

    Hi Richard Bracegirdle.

    I’ve looked into this with our traffic team. And this closure has been removed from our data.

    The closures did occur but only overnight 22.00-05.00 M-f and 22.00-07.00 weekends. Unfortunately this closure was marked as 24 hour on our traffic feed from our supplier hence the error you witnessed.
    Elements of HERE traffic data are sourced from the website which many local authorities provide data too. The road is still showing the closure as both current and 24 hour creating the error in the traffic feed. We have overridden this in the HERE data to remove the issue.

    Attached is a screen grab from the traffic layer on,-2.97599,14,traffic showing the closure you experienced (now removed). The website design uses ‘no entry’ signs for a closure. I understand Mazda represent this as a gate – it varies by GPS system.

    For your information this is the full details of the closure

    Sorry for the inconvenience.



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