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  • Andrue Cope

    My Toyota sat nav tried to take me into a housing estate in Daventry. Now as it happens I’ve been to the course many times but by the time I realised the mistake I was a bit lost. I managed to get out by asking it to direct me to the village of Hellidon.

    So as soon as I got home I thought I’d fix Here only to discover that it seems to know exactly where the golf course is. Curiously it refers to it simply as ‘Hellidon Lakes Golf Club’ whereas my car’s sat nav calls it ‘Hellidon Lakes Hotel Spa and Golf Resort’ which is the full name.

    So I’m wondering – has someone already corrected this error? The online version of Here appears to deny all knowledge of ‘Hellidon Lakes Hotel Spa and Golf Resort’. I suppose we should probably rename ‘Hellidon Golf Club’:

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Andre,

    Thank you for highlighting this issue, It seems the hotel POI had reverted to the postcode centre point which is on the nearby Priors Marston Road. Further confusing this was the two slightly differing names of the POIs where created for the hotel in the database. These have been merged into just one.

    This issue has now been corrected.

    Thanks, Ben

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