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    [٣:٣١ ص، ٢٠١٨/٨/٢٨] .:
    [٣:٣٧ ص، ٢٠١٨/٨/٢٨] .: Dulai Rashid)

    Located in Saudi Arabia, located in Google Map and Google Earth.

    But there is a mistake in its input data via the Hare application
    Where it is registered with the name of (Fayda Dulai Rashid), which is incorrect but it is called “Dulai Rashid” without adding the word “Fayda”

    Also there is a mistake in the names of the streets (Maidan), it was enterd with the name (Abanat) This is wrong and incorrect.
    The street (Maidan) is named (King Abdulaziz Road).

    Just as it added that the existing borders and the title of our city is located in Nabhaniyah number:
    (54399, Nabhaniyah, Saudi Arabia)
    This is a mistake and the fact is that she it’s located in a Dulay Rashid
    (54399 Dalia Rashid, Saudi Arabia) bearing in mind that
    Al-Nabhaniya is 85 km away from our city.
    Please edit and correct errors.

    Here are the coordinates of the city of “Dulai Rashid”
    Via Google Map
    Dulay Rashid
    Saudi Arabia.

    This is the site of our city through the comprehensive cities and villages link radars in the region of Qassim 👇
    Qassim Comprehensive radar

    These are the coordinates of the title of the wrong city, where it was recorded in the Hare application of the as “Fayda Dulay Rashid” and the correct name is “Dulai Rashid”

    Have a look at this place with HERE WeGo: فيضة ضليع رشيد

    These are the coordinates of the name of the street (field) where it was entered as (Abanat) and correct (King Abdulaziz Road) 👇

    Have a look at this place with HERE WeGo: أبانات

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