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Stephen Dadda

Hi Claire.
I am using HERE Map Creator on a Windows 10 laptop logged on with my HERE account to make edits. The Place Labels appear when I zoom in to check road layout etc.. I have edited many Place Labels so they no longer appear under my log on.
There are numerous random Place Labels attached to the M3 and M27 around Southampton. The attached M3 screen shot is for the M3 between junctions 11 and 12 opposite Otterbourne. One Place Label is for the M3 Car Park and the other place label is for Portsmouth Ferry Terminal.
The screen shot of the area around Southampton University has 3 separate Place Labels for the Shell petrol station on the corner of Burgess Road and Glen Eyre Road. York Train Station also has a Place Label on Salisbury Road.
The manufacturer fitted sat nav in my Mazda car is based on HERE maps but I rarely use it due to the missing mini roundabouts so cannot comment if the erroneous Place Labels that appear under Map Creator impact on the operation of the sat nav functions.