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Stephen Dadda

Hi Claire,

Will you please confirm how HERE intends to add the historic mini roundabouts that it has previously deemed navigationally insignificant to its database following its change of policy.

I assume that HERE receives data about new roads, changes to road layouts etc from various professional mapping organisations like the Ordnance Survey rather than having bodies on the ground.. Will the previously excluded mini roundabouts be added from data supplied by these sources or from Map Creator edits supplied by contributors? I have added some Map Creator mini roundabout edits but don’t want to create unnecessary further edits if HERE is going to add these missing roundabouts from other sources. Do you have a timescale for the addition of these roundabouts to your database?

I wasn’t aware that the voice commands were down to individual manufacturers. The manufacturer voice commands can only be as accurate as the underlying data supplied by HERE. It was the HERE policy exclusion of min roundabouts that caused the confusing voice commands rather than any interpretation by the manufacturer in my earlier comment.

I have further examples of double roundabouts to those that Mike posted if you need them. They are also in Cornwall.