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Gerald Jones

The map is on a Nissan Connect Unit; last bought update in 2016. After that purchase I was very disappointed to find an error near my
I did raise issue at time with Nissan & you, but as your online map was right, could seem to get nowhere with
the Connect error . My Connect shows an Esso garage in London Rd, Newbury, Berks, which has been an ALDI
for 8 years!

I gather Nissan are changing policy on map updates, and making them free at each Nissan annual
service which is great. However, there seems to be a disconnect between your maps on Nissan Connect SD cards
& the online maps.
It’s proving difficult to reply here.

Using latest version of I Explorer 11, “SUBMIT” button is missing; having to use alternative.
(screenshot attached of IE 11 not showing that button).