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Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

Hi Andrew, thanks for starting the discussion on this.
We have historically done several updates on these type of roads you mention to try and better reflect reality and to improve the very guidance issues you mention that may occur in different navigation systems based on their speed routing algorithms. We have previously bulk dropped the speed category on these type of roads we have identified that may cause these issues (rural, narrow, unpaved roads etc)
As you can appreciate, this is an ongoing process and your local knowledge and feedback is much appreciated. Please do continue to lower the speed category on these roads, as you have been doing as this is currently the best way to report and ensure a change is ultimately made to your routing.
I have looked at your edits in the area you mention and these have now been accepted into the system.
We’re continually working on the Map Creator interface and it’s editable features, but of course these have to align with our strict specifications and quality processes, hence the current road type classification we have in Map Creator.
Thanks again for your continued enthusiasm and engagement in Map Creator 🙂