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Claire Robinson – HERE UK and Ireland

Hi there, thanks for your posts.
Currently the way to report postcode errors is to create a Map Feedback, as this is not yet editable in Map Creator.
We can then check and amend if necessary the (full) post codes in our system, in turn updating all our map platforms and Sat Nav devices, fixing these routing problems in your area.
For this situation you mention, we would probably also make this road a ‘No through’ for large vehicles – therefore routing these vehicles an alternative suitable route.
As I say, please do create a Map Feedback for this at the location, or you can post the details on here, at the location.
The Map Feedback menu can be found at the bottom right of the Map Creator to report problems that are currently not editable in Map Creator as yet.
This discussion is useful for all Map Creators and users so thanks for raising the discussion and making your area as accurate and safe as possible in our map! 🙂