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Minna Rouhiainen

Hi Luis, now I’m seeing Av Lusiada showing up as vanity address on Centro Colombo search results, if I type the name and the address. Earlier I didn’t see Av Lusiada showing after the Avenida do Colegio Militar address in the search results, which was confusing. I still don’t see the street name Av. Lusiada if I search only for “Centro Colombo”, but at least it’s now showing up as a vanity address if I’m searching with both the name and the address. Whatever you did, it worked! Thanks for that!

One thing does still puzzle me, though. When I look on the map, I don’t see Rua Bravo anywhere. Yet that street name is shown in the search results also pointing to this shopping center. Is that maybe an old name of Avenida Lusiada or one of the other surrounding streets?