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Stephen Dadda

Thank you Virtual. An excellent and easy to follow explanation of how to use Edit Turn Restrictions.

I have been exploring the feature on Bassett Avenue A33 Southampton as many joining roads have turn restrictions.

I then looked at Chilworth Roundabout at the top of Bassett Avenue and just North of the roundabout the A27 crosses the M27. Looking at the A27 for turn restrictions there is a white circle with a red circumference rather than the usual red square or diamond where the roads intersect and it is not at the end of a section of the road.

From local knowledge of the road layout I assume that the circle indicates an overpass or underpass where one road crosses the other on a bridge and there is no physical junction or meeting of the roads.

Looking at the M27 where it meets with the same section of the A27 the same junctions or road meetings are shown as a square at the end of that section of road. This would seem to indicate a physical road junction.

How can HERE system validation allow one road at a meeting of roads to be a square and the other road a circle? I cannot think of a circumstance where this combination could be valid?

Looks like another area of HERE mapping that needs further investigation and possibly correction. I will report these inconsistencies to HERE as the roads are protected and see what action gets taken.